Wonky Weather

When I went to work this morning it was sunny and warm and wonderful and it even hit above 70 today which is stellar for February around these parts.  By the lunch rush the rain was pouring down and people were seeking shelter.  Although getting drenched is not my favorite the air was still warm so I was just fine.  Sunny and warm?  Rainy and warm?  Those are okay with me, just don’t throw cold into the mixture!

After being home for a while and doing all of my internet biz in my slippers I glanced out the window and everything was a very odd color.  On further investigation I saw an incredible cloud formation.  This as well as our torrential waterfall (well, torrential compared to normal) spurred a quick photo shoot.




Our roaring waterfall.

Our roaring 4 foot waterfall.

Aaron gave me a piggyback ride outside since I was wearing my slippers :)

Spring peeping through!

Sagan watching us from the window.

Check out the wasp/hornet nest! That will be a whole other post later on.

The rest of the night will be spent turning the remnants of this beautiful chicken dinner from the other night . . .


Yummy. (I used the recipe from The Art of French Cooking)

Into this pot of homemade chicken stock for soup tomorrow.



I will also be trying to finish one of my current projects to show that I don’t only cook and eat, but it’s so hard when you find a pattern like the one below with a project in mind and want to start on IT right away instead of finishing the things I’ve already started.  Woah is me and my island of misfit (or just unfinished) crafts.


Maybe I just have spring and flowers on the mind but I LOVE this pattern!

Signing out.



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