Spring has Sprung!

Oh dear am I tired of Winter. I always loved Winter. Winter brought fun family holidays, snow, snowboarding, cozy fires, reading novels with hot tea curled under a blanket. That was until I was too poor to go snowboarding and lived in a non-insulated house with extremely expensive baseboard heat. I’ve never been so happy to see Spring in my life!

Since this is the first time I’ve lived in a house (besides my parents’ house) I decided last Fall to try to plant some bulbs and to my amazement, after 5 months of neglect, arose a beautiful flowerbed! I’m so proud and delighted to see such beautiful flowers in my front yard and all over town.

My first flower bed!

I also decided to grow some herbs from a Chia pet herb garden Steve’s brother gave me for Christmas. The spongey soil is a little weird but they seem to be growing. Its always fun to watch seeds grow.

Grow little ones, grow!

Although there’s been a lack of posting, there certainly has not been a lack of crafting. I’ve been busily working away on my quilt (which is very close to being finished!) and we’ve worked together on a few other crafts which we will share later. Until then, I’ll be savoring the warmer days, brighter sunshine and pretty flowers.

Much Love,


I grew these myself!


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