Crafty Weekend

As far as crafts go, I’ve been working almost exclusively on my quilt which I’ve been working on off-and-on for the past 2 years.  Since it’s my first quilt, I decided to “do it right” and hand stitch the entire thing. It’s taking me FOREVER and this past weekend I just wanted to do something crafty that I could finish in less than two years. My dear friend, Chris, happened to be sitting there and asked me to make him a friendship bracelet. It was a fun blast to 8th grade. Chris, if you read this it’s ready and sitting under our “coffee table.”

First friendship bracelet I've made in 10 years

I also felt the urge to crochet. Tesla taught me how to crochet about two years ago and somehow implanted this awesome idea in my mind to crochet individual beer cozies for homebrews made by Steve that we could distribute as wedding favors at our wedding. It was an awesome idea but an epic and very time-consuming task (at least an entire series of Grey’s Anatomy worth.)

Bajillion Cozies!!!

The result was awesome and I like to think I turned many of our guests onto the awesomeness of hand-crocheted cozies but I didn’t want to see another ball of yarn or crochet hook for about 6 months. That is until this weekend. I was flipping through Amigurumi World and decided to make the mama penguin. It was a quick and easy crafty thing to do that takes significantly less time than hand piecing and hand quilting a full size quilt.

Mama Penguin

She’s pretty cute! Now back to working on my quilt.




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