Harry Potter!

Inspired by the approaching release of the last Harry Potter film, I decided about a month ago to prepare by rereading the entire series. I’m now well into the series, having just started the fifth book yesterday, and  I’ve had Harry Potter on the mind when I was browsing some of my usual crafty websites and came across this. I thought the quilt was really cool and then I realized that the entire thing was done by paper piecing and all of the patterns were available on her website!!! I haven’t been this excited about a craft in ages. I watched a few tutorials and printed off the pattern for Harry’s scar because it looked like it was the easiest and after a few mishaps I finished with this:

Harry's Scar

I’ve been really excited about this new project and I’ve been having fun working on the different patterns. So far I’ve made these:

The Knight Bus


The Goblet of Fire

I’m working on Hedwig right now and I’ve got a stack of patterns lined up on my desk waiting to be made. I can’t believe how easy it is to paper piece. There’s no measuring or cutting of fabric. You just sew the fabric to the paper and then rip off the paper when you’re finished! This is the perfect marriage of two of my favorite things! I’ll try to keep posting the blocks as I finish them. I’m still slowly working on my hand pieced quilt. I hope to finish the entire thing by the end of this summer but I’ve decided that if I do turn these blocks into a quilt, it will surely be machined pieced and machine quilted. I’ve never used my sewing machine to quilt so it’ll be fun to experiment.

Now to less exciting news (for me.) The long dreaded day has come and gone. Tesla and her beloved Aaron have ventured to the west to start a new life in Oregon. This town sure feels weirder now. Tesla, thank you for donating some of your fabric scraps. You’ll probably recognize a few of them on the blocks. Tonight I will be attempting to make some pistachio ice cream with the ice cream maker and I’m happy to report that the Wandering Jew clipping you gave me is happily flourishing:

Wandering Jew

…as are many of our other houseplants and mini garden. Every flower pot and inch of ground is filled with plants. It takes me about 45 minutes just to water everything since our house doesn’t have a garden hose but I’m happy to care for them and to watch them grow. I miss you guys and hope you’re still crafting!



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