Books and Quilts

Ever since I finished my big quilt project I’ve been slacking off quit a bit in the craft department. It took me about a month to finish the whomping willow block which should have taken me about 2 hours. Steve actually got me a huge mat board and some bobbins and rotary blades for my birthday. I didn’t realize how dull my old blade was! The new one is like butter. So this isn’t so much of a craft blog as it is a quilting blog. I guess I’m a quilter now. I just thought it would be fun and interesting to make my own quilt. I never thought it would turn into a hobby. It’s something about patterns and geometry and colors and soothing repetition of quilting that draws me in. Plus I love the fact that once you’re finished, you have something beautiful and useful! It’s usable art.

But I digress. I haven’t been “crafting” much not only because I’m busy with work, gym, friends, Hokie football, Steve but MAINLY because my dear friend, Caitlin, talked me into buying a nook!

The Nook!

All my free time has been spent with my nose buried in a “book.” And yesterday I found out how to check out digital books from the library and download them onto my nook!!!! It’s so cool! And if you’re a little ADD like me, you can push one button and check your e-mail or surf the internet (if you have wi-fi) or play angry birds for 5 minutes…..or an hour. You can play crossword puzzles and sodoku. You can upload photos and music and listen to is while you read. It’s totally awesome. The only problem is that it’s causing me to neglect the stack of “real books” that I’ve been meaning to get to over the past few months (or years) and my craft table is starting to collect dust. Too many hobbies too little time.

Here are a few Harry Potter squares I finished a few months ago.


Tom Riddle's Diary


Deathly Hallows

I realized after I scanned the block that there’s a black string in the middle of the image but I’m too lazy to rescan it so just ignore that.


Whomping Willow

I hope I have time this weekend to complete a few more. Until then, I have 45 minutes to make deviled eggs, shower, and get ready for Hokie football! Go Hokies! (I’m bringing my nook.)


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