Secret Santa

Every one should do secret Santa. Seriously. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite Christmas traditions even though I have a tendency to get totally carried away. Last year I went absolutely bonkers. I completely ignored the $25 limit rule and ran bat sh*t (this edit’s for you, Mom) crazy all over town buying every single adorable Holiday mug, candy, cookie, candle, etc…I crossed. Plus, last year it began right after I discovered Pinterest (!!!!) so my brain was exploding with ideas and I ended up spending all my free time pinning ideas rather than actually doing them. So this year, I decided to reign it in a little bit and use it as an opportunity to try out some new ideas and recipes. I thought it’d be fun to share even though it’s technically not over until Thursday, I’m pretty sure my Mom is the only one who reads my blog so I should be fine.

I decided to redeem myself from last year and finally get around to baking some cookies. My person prefers Macadamia Nut Cookies and I already had this recipe bookmarked on foodgawker so I decided to give it a whirl.


Pretty right? They actually look a lot better than they tasted. Actually, that’s not true. They tasted good, if you like your cookies dry and cakey with a cement-like texture. I prefer my cookies a little gooier and bendable but they were still edible so I went with it.

The next thing I decided to try was inspired by my friend, Tess. She’s done some incredible stuff lately and the snowflake looked so pretty so I thought I’d take a break from my crochet hiatus and give it a shot. After Tess gave some pointers and explained that the “h” should have been “ch”…I stumbled my way through the pattern and eventually came up with this


It’s not perfect but it looked more like a snowflake than not so I was pretty excited about it and made myself one too. Those speckles were my attempt to cover it in glitter but it turns out spray starch doesn’t act like an adhesive like I somehow assumed it would. Anyways, I hope she likes it!

The last thing I wanted to share was an idea I saw on apartment therapy. I’ve been gifting lots of edibles so I wanted to stray away from those, especially since she just had a root canal and couldn’t chew any food for 2 weeks (Oops on those rock hard cookies!) I just thought this idea was so cute and I had everything on hand except for the lemon. I even have a food dehydrator that rarely gets used so I busted that thing out this weekend and dehydrated an orange, apple and lemon and badda bing badda boom:



I made Steve put on a flannel and stand on a chair for this shot….totally worth it.


So there you have it. Now I’m over Christmas. I haven’t even thought about gifts for family yet. I guess I should get on that.


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