Meet Palmer

Just a little guy!

Just a little guy!

He’s the newest member of the Nimitz family! We adopted him from the Roanoke Valley SPCA last week. He’s about 12 weeks old and he’s some beagle/hound mix. Whatever it is is ridiculously cute.

He loves to go on walks…

Loves Walks

…and sit still for pictures…


He’s a quirky little guy. He sleeps with his tongue out, has an outtie belly button, groans when he’s sleepy, loves to eat/collect leaves… I can’t wait to discover all the other quirks about him. He’s already brought so much joy to our home we’re so lucky to have him.








And we love to take naps…



One thought on “Meet Palmer

  1. Gail Alderman Nimitz

    Palmer is a cute puppy with nice markings. He looks small next to Steve walking him outside. I Like his doggie sweater jacket. Max had the outie belly button which we had to have repaired when he was nuetered. Thanks for taking such cute pictures. You did good. love, Momma Gail


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