Going Granola


Since all my bragging about not getting sick at all this entire winter inevitably backlashed and I’ve been somewhat bedridden the past few days and have almost exhausted my Netflix queue, I thought it might be good to post some of these pictures I took a few weeks ago. 

Despite my lack of blog posts, I’ve had good intentions. I worked a solid first two seasons of the Jersey Shore on my first knit hat (most of the time was spent re-learning how to knit) which I was super excited about and already developed serious plans for a photo shoot with myself wearing my cool new beanie posing with my snowboard with a fresh blanket of snow in the background. However, the finished hat resembled more of a yamaka than the cool slouchy beanie I envisioned and it never snowed again so the “beanie” is now sitting in an unfinished heap on my coffee table.

I also experimented with a juice cleanse. Although it was a lot of fun concocting bizarre fruit and vegetable combination, by day 2.5 I was exhausted and felt like a walking zombie. I had a pounding headache that started at the end of day 1 that was preventing me from focusing at work so I decided to come home and have a salad for lunch and felt instantly better. I’m pretty sure the reason for the headache and grogginess was due to my lack of research and any sort of protein or fat in my diet. I have a tendency to throw away instructions and learn as I go, and then go back and realize I would have saved a lot of time (and headache) if I just read the instructions to begin with. Oh well. I lost 3 lbs and can say that I at least tried it. 


So, in an attempt to be healthier and save money (as I sit here eating raw, store-bought cookie dough), I thought it might be fun to make my own granola! Not as exciting or dramatic as a juice cleanse but it was delicious and relatively easy.


I used a recipe I found here and headed over to Eats to gather the ingredients.




I also used the opportunity to play around with my tripod and remote control to take some pictures of myself. It was kind of fun and a lot easier than I thought it would be.Image



While I was gathering the ingredients I realized I didn’t have enough dried fruit but I did have some fresh grapes in the fridge so for the second time in 4 months I whipped out the dehydrator and made my own raisons! How’s that for home made? 




One thought on “Going Granola

  1. Aaron

    I’m eating yogurt and granola and reading this post! The pictures look great on this blog these days. I like the picture of you eating the granola. You’re like a model! Connie Cardullo would be proud!


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