Summer Playlist

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I spent a lot of time staring at my computer screen at work this summer. No Bahamas vacations for me this year :( but luckily, I have no shame in wearing giant noise-cancelling headphones while I’m chained to my desk so I decided to share some tunes I’ve been jamming out to this summer. It’s much easier to check out my playlist on Spotify here  Summer but I also went through the painstaking effort of copying the songs below.

1. Hannah Cohen- Sunrise (Man Without Country Remix)

2. Daughter- Still

3. Bonobo, Andreya Triana- Eyesdown

4. Lykke Li- Love Out of Lust

5. War Paint- Billie Holiday

6. Bon Iver- Beach Baby

7. Bonobo- Cirrus

8. Daft Punk, Panda Bear- Doin’ it Right

9. Klangkarussell- Sonnentanz

10. Gold Panda- Junk City II

11. Daphni- Ye Ye

12. Mario Castro Neves- Candomble

13. Bonobo- Emkay

14. Grimes- Genesis

15. Blouse- Time Travel

16. Disclosure, AlunaGeorge- White Noise

17. Cat Power- Ruin

18. Hot Chip- Flutes- Sasha Remix

19. Washed Out- Hold Out

20. Toro Y Moi- Best Around

I just realized that I should have included Ke$ha since she’s my most played artist for the summer on but her songs didn’t really flow with the rest of the playlist. This is my “mellow summer, I still have to read through RFPs and proposals while listening to this” mix. Maybe next up will be a fun, dance playlist with lots of Ke$ha.


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