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Erin’s Garden

Hi There!

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten this excited about a project but since I’ve been literally dreaming about this for months and I’ve started reading, studying, planning, and preparing journals I thought it might be time to share the great news. In just a few short weeks if all goes to plan, I will finally have my very own garden!

Garden Journal

And this isn’t just a 6′ x 2′ mini garden bed like the one we had on Montgomery Street this is a real sunny, fenced off, large chunk of land that I can fill with whatever I want! Gardening is an almost foreign concept to me. I’ve grown a few tomatoes, peppers, herbs and daisies but I’ve never had to deal with enriching soil, rotating garden beds, companion planting, watering sources, cover crops, pesky insects, etc. It can be overwhelming but last weekend I bought my first seeds and sowed them on Monday and they germinated yesterday. Every single time I pop a seed into some dirt and sprinkle them with a bit of water I think ‘this is ridiculous, there’s no way this will work’ and more often than not they pop right up!  It’s just so simple and fascinating to watch.

You can barely see but these are the first seeds beginning to pop up yesterday.

Seeds just starting to pop up on March 13

Seeds just starting to pop up on March 13

And this is how they look less than 24 hours later.


Bloom bloom!

It is so cool. Simple as that. So cool that I spent the rest of my morning ordering a ton of seeds from the seed catalogs I’ve been pouring over the past few weeks.


So while I’m stuck indoors dealing with temperamental March weather, I’ve been reading books, browsing blogs, flipping through seed catalogs, sketching up some rough garden layouts, checking in on my seeds every couple hours, more or less obsessing over this future garden. I’m pretty certain I’ll take a look back in August and think how insane I am so here is a little note to myself to remind me of my current state of mind:

Future Erin-

When it’s hot, humid and sticky, when your back aches and fingernails are caked in mud and you just want to go inside and watch a movie, remember how it feels to live through those last never-ending bits of miserable weather and to ache for Spring. Think about how many years you’ve lived in apartments where you struggled with space and sun exposure and how many times you unsuccessfully managed to get lot on a community garden. Most importantly think about all the delicious food you can grow and the inventive meals you can cook up. Think of the beautiful flowers that will surround your yard and your home and the delicious herbs that will be just outside the kitchen. Think of how nice it is to hear to birds chirping and the crickets at night and feel the cool breeze rustle through the trees. Think of how lucky you are to have this opportunity. Embrace the moment and go get dirty. I know gardening will be hard work but it will be worth it.


Present Erin

Oh, and Happy Pi Day, Nerds!


Artsy Fartsy

I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve perked up lately and been really inspired to create things. This time it’s watercolors! Or just art in general. It’s hard to explain this wall I’ve had up. It doesn’t make much sense. I enjoyed art when I was a kid but I would get really frustrated if I couldn’t draw something perfect and then intimidated by the world of amazing artists. I figured I could always return to it as a hobby but post college, every time I’ve tried to sketch or paint something I’ve been crippled by the fact that it might suck and I’d waste my art supplies and time on a crappy painting. This really makes no sense since you need to practice to get any better… so lately I’ve had this epiphany. What sparked it was a photograph of a woman out to lunch with some friends sketching a pizza she ordered and drinking wine. I think it made me realize how cool this is and how it’s actually an enjoyable activity. I want to be that woman! So that night, I went to Michaels and bought some new paintbrushes and a sketchbook and dusted off my old paints and fancy water color papers. Now that I’m fully armed with supplies and determination I’m breaking down this proverbial wall I’ve build up and I’m making art!! I’m not saying it’s any good but at least I’m doing it.

That said, I’m a little scared to post some of the things I’ve made just yet but I did make myself a dandy little portable art kit that Steve said would be really cool to share on my blog… so, here it is!

The only thing new that I had to purchase were the little plastic containers to hold the paint and they were only $5. I also spent a lot of time debating on the type of sketchbook because I knew I wanted to use watercolors but I didn’t want a spiral notebook and I wanted the pages to open completely and the only watercolor sketchbooks moleskin makes are landscape oriented which I really didn’t want. So I took a risk and bought the regular sketchbook (with my 50% off coupon) and it paid off. The paper wrinkles slightly but not nearly as bad as I thought it would.

So here’s what’s in my kit:

  • The brushes are from a cheap brush set I bought several years ago, I sharpened the one with the pointy tip so it would fit in the box and I could use the tip to make marks in the paint
  • Betsy Johnson binder clips (impulse buy)
  • Old Honey/Jam jar for water
  • Colored Sharpie pens- probably won’t use these- I just threw them in because I liked the colors
  • Fancy 4B drawing pencil I stole from my Mom a loooong time ago (shhh…)
  • Tech Liner Drawing Pens
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Small travel spray bottle- I think this was part of a travel kit I never used
  • Charcoal Pencils Set– Fits Perfectly in the lid
  • Paper Towel
  • Various Paints in plastic containers
  • Tin I found in my grandparent’s house before they moved out
  • Moleskin sketchbook

The “kit” is rather large. I’ve seen lots of watercolor sets in Altoid boxes and old watercolor tins. I think the idea is to scavenge around your house and pull together whatever you need to make a painting. If I actually use it, I can definitely work on some improvements or maybe invest in a real travel watercolor kit. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up and go sketching and painting outside somewhere. Let me know if you want to join me so I don’t look like the only weirdo drinking wine, drawing stick figures and spattering paint everywhere!

Some Serious Dancing with Disregard

Do you like that new header there? I drew and painted it myself! I also spent a lot of time cropping and editing and adding fancy texts in photoshop only to find out it was too wide for the template header… for ALL template headers actually, so it’s the cropped version. I also wanted to point out that bump there on the blue girl is not a boob. It’s a shoulder (thanks, Steve). And the glitter. You know you can’t have a dance party without some glitter.

So in honor of my new header and first water color painting since I was 6, here is some serious dancing with disregard (I’ve watched this video 100 times in the past 3 days, it’s amazing and those dance moves are a great workout)

Yelle – Comme Un Enfant (Freaks Remix)