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It’s summer, y’all!

Palmer DalmerAnd we’ve been busy. We’ve been SML swimmin’, in Crozet wine sippin’, up to DC Nats game watchin’, Brewery hoppin’, strawberry picking’, pineapple eatin’, Orange is the New Black watchin’, and Father’s Day campin’. Every weekend has a new adventure in store. Tomorrow night we’re going to see Iron and Wine and I’ve been absorbed in Hemingway and the Lost Generation and gearing up to starting training for another half marathon. Busy busy busy!!!

(Maybe I should stop drinking so much coffee in the mornings…)


Thanksgiving Feast


About a month ago, Steve came home with a giant 16 lb turkey because it was “on sale”. After some Pinterest consultations and Bon Appetit page flipping, I got overly excited and decided to make Thanksgiving dinner…..for two…..on a Wednesday. I’ve had better ideas.

Brussel Sprouts

We already had this guy on hand. We geeked out at whole foods a few days before when we saw brussel sprouts on a stem! It looked like one of these from band class and I kept half-expecting them to ring when I moved it.

bread cubes yuuuum

I think pursued this whole endeavor so I’d have an excuse to make homemade stuffing.  I used this recipe from Bon Appetit and even though it took much longer than I thought (I think I kept turning off the oven instead of the timer) it was AMAAAZING. It was so rich and savory and decadent I could have eaten the entire dish. (So much better than Stove Top.)

Behold, the finished product:

I wish I could eat this picture

Cheese Platter


Turns out brussel sprouts taste amazing when cooked with bacon. Who knew?!? Here is everything minus the turkey.


I also made pumpkin spoon bread but it was disgusting so I didn’t even take a picture.

The pup

Don’t let that cute face fool you. He did nothing to contribute! But he helped with the leftovers. We ended up boiling the carcass down and making a delicious stock that we used to make a soup with the leftover turkey. Even that was delicious. Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. I’m so bummed it’s over but so thankful I got to celebrate it twice this year! Maybe we’ll start this as a gluttonous Nimitz tradition. Now on to Christmas!

Meet Palmer

Just a little guy!

Just a little guy!

He’s the newest member of the Nimitz family! We adopted him from the Roanoke Valley SPCA last week. He’s about 12 weeks old and he’s some beagle/hound mix. Whatever it is is ridiculously cute.

He loves to go on walks…

Loves Walks

…and sit still for pictures…


He’s a quirky little guy. He sleeps with his tongue out, has an outtie belly button, groans when he’s sleepy, loves to eat/collect leaves… I can’t wait to discover all the other quirks about him. He’s already brought so much joy to our home we’re so lucky to have him.








And we love to take naps…


Dogs, Ducks and Denim

Sagan, our beloved pooch, once had a toy in the shape of a duck.  It looked like a duck, it quacked like a duck and one day after months of puppy love it was as dead as a duck with its stuffing strewn all over the living room floor.  We let him drag the carcass around for a while until it started to gross us out and then bought him a shiny new (and bigger!) duck which he proceeded to destroy in a matter of days.  I was fortunate enough to find the duck in the middle of the floor, stuffing everywhere (much as before)  with a handwritten sign that said “Duck got got”.  I credit this to Aaron and our roomate, Jackson, who have been watching a little too much of The Wire as of late.  I have since patched and sewn this plush creature several times and it is currently in a drawer waiting for its next repair.  Frankly, I’m tired of repairing the duck, so I pulled out some old denim pant legs of Aaron’s and fabricated some toys.

They were quite simple really.  The first, I cut out two layers of a bone shape ( I didn’t put too much time into the design since Sagan won’t know the difference), then machine sewed them together leaving a hole to pull it inside out.  I then bordered the edge with a round of hand sewn stitches to close up the hole and give extra strength against Sagan’s chewing.  For the other toy I used the 4 thick seam lines of the two legs and braided them together, knotting them at the end many times to keep from unraveling.

Finished products

Hopefully the durable denim will fair better than the duck, only time will tell, but as you can see below, they’re already being put to the test by my devious dog.



He's got his eye on me.